Platts Sarus - an overview.

Platts Sarus is designed for Platts as as a powerful yet easy to use front end to the Platts Market Data service. The software was designed to be both intuitive to use and to hide any data feed complexities so users need have no knowledge of market data symbols to use the software effectively.   

Platts Sarus you lets users easily create detailed Excel workbooks and technical analysis charts of historical data back to the 1970's. You can create your own day reports covering different markets that update with the latest Platts prices.

With Platts Sarus you can have a complete database of Platts prices that automatically updates throughout the day so you have your Platts market data on your desktop where and when you need it.  The  software utilizes your existing internet connection and supports access through both firewalls and proxy servers. Please look at our products page for more detailed information on our software and see how using Platts Sarus you can easily integrate Platts data into your business.

Platts Sarus is a very cost effective solution for both front and back office requirements for Platts Data.   As well as single and multi-user pricing, we offer very cost effective regional and site licences.   

Please contact Don Gray at Sarus Systems for more information or contact your Platts sales representative. See our contact page for more information.

The Standard package includes:-

Easy to use statistical charting package with formulae such as simple spreads, crack spreads, ratios etc with automatic conversion to the correct unit of measurement. Sarus includes a comprehensive range of technical studies that can be applied to any series in a chart.  
 Charts and data can be exported to Excel

You can select from a historical database containing Platts complete inventory of commodity and petroleum, metals and petrochemical price assessments together with exchange and foreign exchange quotes.
Corrections received are also stored in a separate database than  can be viewed and searched. This provides an audit trail for each price correction.

The new Platts Sarus scheduler makes it easy to create multiple scheduled downloads from the Internet so that your price and corrections databases are updated immediately a market center is closed.

Automatic Updates
The  Sarus  communications program can be configured to automatically download new assessments Platts Server.  

Microsoft Excel Add-in
We supply an Excel add-in that integrates into Excel and allows complete control over all the price data in the Sarus database.

Using the add-in, you can easily create spreadsheets using any number of historical price series (in any frequency  or unit) from the Platts Sarus database. These sheets can then be automatically updated in  Excel.


Please contact Don Gray at Sarus Systems Ltd. for more information.Tel + 44 1842 829 000 or e-mail

Key Feature Table:-

  • Easy to use
  • Multiple high resolution charts with sophisticated time series analysis
  • Powerful database management system with up to 30 years of data
  • Platts Excel wire assessment pages recreated in Excel
  • Excel  add-in  for easy access to the database time series.
  • Analyze physical, exchange futures, FX, petrochemical and metals data
  • Charts automatically update overnight
  • Seasonal charts, spreads, ratios and formulas easily created
  • Each chart can be zoomed on both axis
  • Operates as both a stand-alone or networked solution
  • Automatic multi-scheduled data retrieval and validation
  • Link to your SQL database
  • Cost effective regional licensing


Hardware Requirements:-

Platts Sarus requires a PC running Microsoft Windows  or later with an Internet connection and at least one gigabyte of free disk space. Microsoft Excel should be installed if you wish to use the Platts Sarus Excel add-in.

Contact Information:-


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